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BBQ’s and Gas Bottles Safety


  1. Regularly check and maintain barbecue fittings and connections.
  2. Ensure there is adequate clearing around the barbecue when in use – 50cm of clearance from exterior walls, flammable items and any electrical ignition sources.
  3. Never put flammable liquid on a barbecue.
  4. Never leave your cooking unattended.
  5. Once you have finished cooking, turn off or extinguish the barbecue to prevent burns. Allow to cool completely before replacing lid.
  6. Remove all residual fat from the barbecue after each use.
  7. Always store gas bottles outside, upright and away from sources of heat.
  8. Supervise children at all times when using a barbecue.
  9. Always be ready to light the burner before you turn on the gas. If the pilot light does not ignite the burner at once, turn off the gas and check that the pilot is alight.

Gas bottles / cylinders

  1. Change gas cylinders in the open air wherever possible, and always with the tap turned off.
  2. Always replace the cap on the cylinder valve when the cylinder is empty or not in use.
  3. Keep spare cylinders outside but protected against frost.
  4. Ensure the flexible hose on your cylinder is suitable for gas and conforms with national standards.

If you smell gas

  1. Put out cigarettes.
  2. Do not use matches or naked flames.
  3. Do not operate electrical switches – leave them either on or off.
  4. Open doors and windows to ventilate the area.
  5. Check to see if a gas tap has been left on accidentally or if a pilot light has gone out. If not, there is probably a gas leak and you should turn off the supply at the meter and call the gas service.

Don’t take chances. Contact a licensed plumber or gasfitter if you suspect a gas leak.

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