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Oven Light

Replace a Kleenmaid Oven Light

  • Each oven is equipped with halogen lights located in the lateral walls of the oven.
  • The lights are switched on when the door is opened or when the oven is in a cooking cycle.
  • The oven lights are not illuminated during SELF- CLEAN.
  • Each light assembly consists of a removable lens a light bulb as well as a light socket housing that is fixed in place. See figure on this page.
  • Light bulb replacement is considered to be a routine maintenance item.

To Replace a Light Bulb

  1. Read WARNING on this page.
  2. Turn off power at the main power supply (fuse or breaker box).
  3. In ovens with lateral racks remove them by unscrewing the four screws.
  4. Remove the lens to prise between screw and glass using a screw driver.
  5. Remove the light bulb from its socket by pulling it.
  6. Replace the bulb with a new one. Avoid touching the bulb with fingers as oils from hands can damage the bulb when it becomes hot.
  7. The bulb is halogen: use one with the same type checking Voltage and Wattage.
  8. Replace the lens back on.
  9. Replace the racks if it is provided with the oven model.
  10. Turn power back on at the main power supply (fuse or breaker box).


  • Make sure the oven and lights are cool and power to the oven has been turned off before replacing the light bulb(s). Failure to do so could result in electrical shock or burns.
  • The lenses must be in place when using the oven.
  • The lenses serve to protect the light bulb from breaking.
  • The lenses are made of glass. Handle carefully to avoid breakage. Broken glass could cause an injury.

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