For convenient and quality stove repairs in Brisbane call ABC Electrical. Here at ABC Electrical, our Technicians are highly trained and experienced in repairing and servicing electric stoves no matter what make, model or age. We will have your stove repairs carried out as quickly as possible and if it can’t be repaired or is an uneconomical repair – we will tell you!


Common signs that your stove isn’t working to its full capacity:

  • It fails to reach maximum temperature, or it burns everything
  • It needs an element replacement
  • Temperature can’t be adjusted
  • It keeps turning off
  • It is sparking
  • It trips the power
  • It needs a door repair
  • It starts smoking when switched on.


Our technicians are highly skilled in servicing all makes of domestic stoves sold in the Australian market. If you have a gas/electric (dual-fuel) stove, we will need to check whether the gas connection is flexible (i.e. the stove can be pulled out for servicing) and not rigid (hard plumbed in) as special conditions apply where the gas connection is rigid. Please call our friendly team on 1300-1300-83 to discuss your stove repair options.

Please note that we do not repair gas-only stoves or undertake repairs to the gas side of appliances.


The Initial Inspection is $186 and includes 20 minutes time onsite. If your appliance repair can be completed within this time you would only be charged $186 plus parts if required. Any additional labour beyond the first 20 minutes is charged at $33 per 15 minutes or part thereof. If we can resolve your appliance issue onsite we will quote you then and there but, if we need to come back to fit parts we only charge for parts and the labour to fit them. If we attend to additional appliances onsite during the initial inspection we only charge our quarter hourly rate of $33 or part thereof per additional appliance plus parts if required.

Contact ABC Electrical today and book in your stove repair in Brisbane using our 24/7 online booking system. Our friendly team is happy to assist you with any questions that you may have regarding your stove repair. Alternatively, click here to book online using our 24/7 online booking system.