• Q1How long before I can get a technician out?

    Generally 1-3 working days but sometimes same-day service is possible depending on Technician availability and the time of your call or email.

  • Q2What are your charges and payment terms?

    For appliance repairs, the Initial Inspection includes 30 minutes time and is $220. If your appliance repair can be completed within this time you would only be charged $220 plus parts if required. Any additional labour beyond the first 30 minutes is charged at $33 per 15 minutes or part thereof. Any charges incurred during the Initial Inspection are non-refundable.

    Payment is due on the day, to the Technician whilst he is onsite via MasterCard, VISA, and American Express, EFTPOS, or Zip. Surcharges apply for credit and debit cards. We do not provide credit under any circumstances and we do not accept cheques. We do not accept changes of mind.

    Special Terms and Conditions exist for rental properties. Please call our office on (07) 3800-4529 if you are a tenant or a landlord wishing to book a service call for a rental property.

    For workshop appliance repairs we charge a non-refundable Workshop Quote Fee ($88 for white goods and TVs/monitors; $154 for AV equipment and coffee machines) which is payable when you drop the appliance into our workshop.

    For television repairs and coffee machine repairs, a non-refundable quote fee of $274 is payable to the Technician whilst he is onsite. This includes labour to pick-up and diagnose your TV and or cofee machine as well time to drop it back off should you decide not proceed with the quote provided.

  • Q3How can I pay?

    Payment is due on the day to the Technician whilst he is still onsite. All of our Technicians are equipped with a mobile POS terminal and accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, EFTPOS, or ZIP Tap to Pay onsite. Surcharges apply for credit and debit cards. We do not accept bank transfer (EFT) or cheques as payment methods onsite.

  • Q4Why do you charge for the Initial Inspection?

    Technicians are qualified professionals and companies invest a considerable amount of capital in training, labour, vehicles, equipment, stock, and workshops to provide service and repairs. The Initial Inspection charges cover part of these costs to get the Technician to your door and are non-refundable.

  • Q5Do I still have to pay for a visit if my appliance repair is not economical or I decide to reject a quote for repair/replacement?

    Yes. It is a fact that sometimes an appliance repair will be uneconomical. Technicians can generally diagnose whether or not a machine is uneconomical to repair in the first 15-20 minutes but regardless of whether or not you proceed the Technician has spent time and resources to get to your house and diagnose your appliance repair.

    However, do not waste the opportunity to take advantage of the Technician’s knowledge of new Kleenmaid appliances.

  • Q6Will I have to pay a charge if I cancel a booking?

    If a Technician is on his way to your premises or arrives at your premises and you advise that you no longer require a service and wish to cancel the booking, or there is no one at the premises, or no one answering the door at the premises you will be charged for the Initial Inspection Fee.

    It is common courtesy to call and cancel a booking if it is no longer required. Not doing so wastes everyone’s time and resources.

  • Q7Will the technician have the part with him?

    All vehicles are stocked with a large variety of common spare parts. However, due to the considerable variation of brands, models and products in today’s modern marketplace we may have to order parts in order to repair your machine. If we have to return to fit parts we don’t charge another Inspection Fee and, unless otherwise stated in your quote, will provide you with a fixed quote to supply and install parts/materials.

    PCB (printed circuit boards) and other specific electrical parts are not usually carried on board because the warranty for such parts commences when we purchase the item. This is standard practice in the appliance repair industry.

    Please note: Sometimes customers will try to diagnose their own machine and ask for us to bring out expensive rare parts. We can order parts in for such a diagnosis but all parts and labour must be paid for upfront and are non-refundable. If an ABC Electrical Technician has not diagnosed the fault we provide no warranty and any payments paid for parts as well as labour and service calls (if incurred) will be non-refundable.

  • Q8How much warranty do you provide on spare parts?

    We provide manufacturer’s warranty on spare parts that are diagnosed, supplied, and fitted by an ABC Electrical Technician.

  • Q9Is my appliance worth repairing?

    Generally, appliances are worth repairing if the cost to replace them is more than the repair. Some appliances are robust and extremely well built (i.e., Asko, Speed Queen, Kleenmaid appliances). These appliances may be expensive to repair but generally last for many years after a full rebuild.

    If you are unsure, we recommend that you take a look at the general condition of the machine. Appliances are complex electrical devices and, without a full diagnosis, we cannot provide any accurate advice over the phone about the specific requirements of your appliance repair.

  • Q10Can you install a new appliance if I purchase one?

    We can provide standard installation of dishwashers, electric wall ovens, electric cooktops, microwave ovens, and steam ovens as long as the new appliance that you purchased suits the cutout/cabinet/space that your previous appliance fitted. We do not undertake modifications to benchtops or cabinets. A standard installation is $220.

    We also can dispose of your existing appliance for $55.

    If you require modifications to have the appliance installed we recommend that you contact a cabinet maker or carpenter.

  • Q11What time will they be here?

    Most appointments come with a 4 hour window. This takes into account unknown variables such as traffic, weather and the amount of time spent on previous jobs that day. If you find that it is still difficult to book in a job consider that:

    A) Technicians will call you when they are on their way so that you can meet them onsite; this may negate the need for you to ‘wait around all day’. Please understand, however, that if you do not answer your phone the Technician may assume that you are not onsite and will therefore continue to his next job.

    B) Request a ‘First-up Job’. First-up appointments are always the first to go so you may have to wait a few days for availability. Please also note that a first-up appointment cannot be accommodated in certain areas where traffic and parking availability is not conducive to the flow of the technicians run or the job site is too far from the Technicians base.

  • Q12Can I Claim it on insurance?

    Please contact your insurance company regarding the possibility of claiming your appliance repair under your policy.

    We only deal directly with you – the person who requested the appliance repair – and not your insurance company. Any service call charges, labour, spare parts, and other costs associated with your appliance repair will be charged to you. It is your responsibility to then deal with your insurance company to have your costs reimbursed.

    We can provide a service report on a tax invoice which you can provide to your insurer. We will only include accurate information pertaining to and an assessment of your specific repair and will not include any ‘requests’ on your behalf in order to increase the possibility of a claim being successful or to ‘pad’ a claim to manipulate a claims outcome. Such requests may be considered insurance fraud in a court of law and the law provides for severe penalties for such acts. For information on what constitutes as insurance fraud please click here to visit the Insurance Fraud Bureau Australia’s website.

  • Q13Which brands do you service?

    We service all brands of domestic appliances sold in the Australian market.

  • Q14I have a technical question - can I speak with a technician before booking?

    Yes! Please call (07) 3800-4529 during office hours (Monday – Friday 8AM – 4:30PM). If there are no Technicians available at the time of your call we can arrange for someone to call you back or you can click here to email your questions.