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Basket design – lower basket

MultiComfort in lower basket

The unique MultiComfort zone allows plates of different sizes (max. 35 cm) to be accommodated in three rows. Chopping boards, serving platters, large bowls, dishes and tall beer glasses can be accommodated easily. For larger pots and pans and bulky items, the entire lower basket can be rearranged to provide a flush, flat surface.

Ideal for glassware

Secure positioning of glasses: heightadjustable glass holders help provide a secure hold for stemware, ensuring spotless, gentle cleaning.

Glass rack in lower basket

The glass rack offers you the option to create a third row in the lower basket for glasses. This allows you to position up to 13 long-stemmed wine glasses securely in the lower basket.

Hinged bottle holder*

Bottles, vases and other tall and slim items require a secure hold in the lower basket to stop them from toppling over. The bottle holder is designed to allow jets of water to access the interior of bottles. If the space is required for other items of crockery, the bottle holder can be simply folded down.


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