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Check your Electric Blankets before Winter

All electric blankets sold in Australia must comply with strict safety standards but careless use can cause electric shock, fire and possibly even death.

  1. Read and follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Have your electric blanket checked regularly by a qualified electrician.
  3. Throw out electric blankets that are worn or old.
  4. Turn off the electric blanket when you go to bed or leave the house. Use it only to warm the bed before you go to sleep.
  5. Do not place heavy objects on the bed while the electric blanket is in use.
  6. Make sure the electric blanket is tightly secured and laid flat on the bed.
  7. Store your electric blanket rolled up. Folding can damage the wiring.
  8. Electric blankets are not recommended for use by young children where bed wetting may occur.
  9. Never place a baby on an electric blanket – they can dehydrate and get burns at fairly low temperatures.

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