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Check the Electrical Safety of your yard and around your home

Street / Driveway

  1. Make sure your street number is easily visible at day and night for emergency services.
  2. Clear overhanging vegetation from power lines and structures.
  3. If you live on an rural property, make sure there is:
  4. Unrestricted gate access to the property.
  5. Room for large vehicles to reverse in (approximately four metres wide)
  6. Turning or passing areas for large vehicles.
  7. Heavy vehicle access on cattle grids and bridges.
  8. Two-wheel drive vehicle access.
  9. An alternate way out for vehicles.
  10. Water supply suitable for firefighter access such as a tank with a 50mm male camlock fitting with shut off valve or an accessible open water supply such as a dam or pool.


  1. Clear gutters and roof of leaves, twigs, bark and other debris. Consider installing metal gutter guards.
  2. Enclose open areas under decks and floors.
  3. Install steel wire mesh screens on windows, doors, vents, and weep holes.
  4. Seal gaps in roof and external cladding.
  5. Remove or relocate flammable items away from your home (such as woodpiles, mulch, hanging baskets, and outdoor furniture).


Fires can start by embers collecting in crevices, scrub, or dead leaves on or near the house.

  1. Clear rubbish and other combustibles from around the house.
  2. Clear overhanging trees and shrubs situated close to the house, power lines and eaves.
  3. Keep eaves and downpipes clear of leaves and debris.
  4. Keep lawn trimmed and gardens maintained of loose debris.
  5. Locate your street hydrant and ensure it is accessible to firefighters.
  6. Have garden hoses that can reach all areas of the house when connected.


  1. Smokers should use heavy, high-sided ashtrays made of glass, ceramic or metal to prevent them tipping over.
  2. Always fully extinguish cigarettes.
  3. Remove clutter from balconies and keep air conditioning units clear of any flammable items.


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