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Utility Safety around the home

Prevention is your best defence against household fires. Here’s some utilities around your home you should check regularly.

Check your

Electrical Safety Switch

  1. Know the location of the electrical switchboard for your home.
  2. Make sure an electrical safety switch is installed by a licensed electrician.
  3. Test your electrical safety switch every three months. If a test fails, contact a licensed electrician for repairs immediately.
  4. Get earth leakage circuit breakers installed on all power circuits for additional safety protection.

Gas Supply

  1. Know where the gas isolation valves are located in your home. Undetected leaking gas can form an explosive mixture when combined with air.
  2. Have all gas appliances serviced regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions

Solar Panels

  1. Solar panels are powered by the sun and other sources of light. They can continue to generate power even if the mains power has been disconnected, or the panels have been turned off at the switchboard.
  2. Solar power systems can pose an electrical safety risk during emergency incidents, such as flooding and fires. If emergency services personnel attend your property, let them know that solar panels are installed.