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Cleaning your Cooktop

Cleaning enamel cooktops (electric and gas)

Enamel can stain so it is important to wipe up spills right away. By wiping down your cooktop after each use you will decrease the build up of grease and cooking residue. Cleaning your cooktop regularly will also reduce potential fire hazards because you are not allowing grease and cooking residue to build up. Regular cleaning can may also prevent the need for a cooktop repair.

How to clean enamel cooktops

Ensure that you have turned your cooktop off using the cooktop isolation switch (installation recommended for safety purposes). Use warm soapy water and a non abrasive cloth. Ensure that the cloth is damp and not dripping wet. No water droplets should come from the cloth if you squeeze it. Wipe down thoroughly with a dry, soft cloth afterwards. Wait until any residual dampness from cleaning has evaporated before turning the cooktop isolation switch back on. Don’t use abrasive items that can scratch your enamel.


Never attempt to disconnect or work on any part of the electrical or gas components, including electrical and gas connections, by yourself. Appropriate licenses are required for this type of work and it is not only illegal to do so without an appropriate license it is also extremely dangerous.